How We Save $286/year on Electricity by Using

how we save on electricity

If you live in the Lancaster County area, there is a good chance you have PP&L electric, like we do. As a PP&L customer, you have the option to choose your own service supplier for your electricity. What does this mean?

It means you don’t have to pay the price per kWh that PP&L is charging you!

There are many service suppliers under PP&L that you can choose to use for your electricity. You’ll still be getting your electricity from PP&L, there will be no changes in your wiring. No physical changes. It will just be on paper. You’ll contact a supplier like Inspire or AEP, and you’ll pay their rate.

How does this benefit you? Other suppliers rates are often less than PP&L’s rates by at least $.02 per kWh. For many homes (using an average of 1000 kWh) this is a savings of at least $20 per month.

How We Play the “Electric Supplier” Game

From October 2015 to March 2016 (a period of six months), we saved about $24 month, for a total of about $143. On the best month, we saved $32 over the PP&L regular pricing. On our worst month, we got caught up in life and forgot to change our supplier, we saved only $.50. That was a disappointing month, but it could have been a lot worse!

My husband is in charge of coordinating electricity suppliers for our family, so at the beginning of each month he . . .

  • logs in to to see what supplier has the best rate
  • investigates the suppliers with the best rates
    • makes sure there are no cancellation fees or term agreements
  • chooses a supplier and calls that supplier
  • asks to switch to them, and provides necessary details to do so

That’s it folks! It really is quite simple. And as a result, we save about $286/year. For us, that’s like getting over two months worth of electricity for FREE!

How To Find an Electric Supplier

On the webpage, you can enter your zipcode, and it will show you a list of service suppliers and their price per kWh. The first price will always be PP&L so you can compare pricing.

papowerswitch electric suppliers compare to ppl electric

How to Choose an Electric Supplier

Once you search for the suppliers in your zipcode, sort by kWh price (low to high). 

kWh price sort low to high ppl electric suppliers

Important fields to note are cancellation fee and introductory price. You will not want to choose a supplier with a cancellation fee, because you will be switching your supplier regularly if you choose to play the “electric supplier game”.

If it says there is no introductory price, then there is likely a term length agreement. If you want to find the best rate and want to switch every month, you will want the introductory price to say YES.

cancellation fee introductory price

In some instances you will want to agree to a multi month agreement. These instances might include:

  • you feel too busy to keep track of your supplier every month (if you don’t check the price of your supplier at the beginning of every month, they might raise their prices higher than PP&L)
  • you will be away or on vacation
  • there will be a life change in your family (like a birth of a new child, a new job, a planned surgery or moving to a new house—anything that might keep you from being able to stay on top of the “electric supplier game”)

It is OK to choose a higher price per kWh in these instances. It is better to lock in to a good price for 3 months, than to forget for one month and have it cost you a higher rate when you aren’t expecting it!

What You Need When You Call the New Supplier

The phone call to switch to your new electric supplier will only last about 10-15 minutes. They will need to know your name, address, contact information and PP&L account number.

When you call, state that you saw the PAPowerSwitch rate, and be sure to specify the rate you saw in order to confirm the pricing and terms of the agreement.

Ask for the term end date. Put this date in your calendar to notify you as the date you need to switch suppliers. Call your new supplier at least a week before, not after this date (which is your term end date). Please note, if you wait beyond this date to switch your supplier, you may be charged a higher electric rate than even PP&L!!

We prefer to call and talk to someone, just as a confirmation to guarantee the rate we saw, but you can also sign up for the offers online from the page. Just click on the link that says “Sign Up For This Offer>>”.

Our Favorite (and most used) Electric Suppliers

We have been playing the “electric supplier game” for almost three years. In this time, we have found two suppliers that we use the most, and have been particularly drawn to.

Inspire Energy often has some of the best rates. We were also very impressed with their customer service. You always talked to someone kind and knowledgeable, and we often got personal handwritten notes in the mail from them. Inspire also has a reward program. If you tell your friends to sign up through your link, you get a $25 statement credit. But be careful, they did get us one time and raise their rates when we weren’t expecting it!

AEP Energy often has some of the best rates as well. We have locked into their 3 month rates when we knew we would be too busy to play the game for a few months.


Please let us know your thoughts on this article. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have!

12 Ideas of Things to Buy at Consignment Sales That Will Help You Prepare for Summer Break

Summer vacation is just around the corner—when all your kids will be home from school, your routines will be different, and you’ll need to put more effort into keeping them occupied. It’s an exciting time as a family, but it can be overwhelming to mom, especially if she is not prepared.

Here are 12 simple ways to think ahead to summer vacation, and I found them all at the JBF Kids Spring Consignment Sale!

12 ideas of things to buy at consignment sales to help you prepare for summer break

Have a planned routine that includes chores for your children.

If you need a Melissa & Doug Responsibility Chart, I found them for only $10 (retail for $20).


Add some new family games to your stash.

When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was play games with parents. It means the world to do those kiddos to spend quality time with you. And I bet, after you play it a few times, they’ll start playing on their own. Our favorites are Pictionary, Uno, Battleship, Operation and Memory. Our kids favorite was hungry hungry hippos, but I decided to quietly sell that one at a consignment sale. If you’ve ever played it, you probably know why. Don’t worry, I kept Let’s Go Fishing. 😉


Stock up on busy bag ideas for your toddler.

This will earn you a little extra one-on-one time with your older children. I was really excited to find this build-a-word game, Melissa & Doug puzzles, and playdough toysWooden lacing beads, and lock puzzles are other great ideas.


Melissa & Doug

Scratch Art Pads, Water WOW and Secret Decoder pads are perfect for a longer car ride or a quiet time. I also use these in church, at a wedding, at the airport, or waiting at a doctors office. These are only $4 at the JBF sale, but $4.99 if you order online. They also make great birthday party gifts!


Add some new puzzles to your collection.

Particularly some unique ones like this Where’s Waldo puzzle that I found for only $1.50. Puzzles are great for the brain, require team effort, and perfect for quiet times or rainy days.


Consider some new toys that your kids have never seen before.

Save these for really bad days or rainy weeks when you can’t get out. Perhaps a dance mat, roller skates, build and play construction fort or a ball pit.


If you are going on a family vacation, gift your child a special backpack or suitcase.

Choose a backpack or suitcase they can pack on their own and travel with. This gives them ownership and encourages growth in responsibility. Plus it takes some responsibility off of you!


Plan some special activities.

Like using this Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball that lets you make ice cream anywhere. How cool is that?


Add new sporting equipment to your stash.

Think of all sports . . . baseball, teeball, basketball, golf, badmitton, volleyball, soccer, jump ropes, hula hoops, pogo sticks, rollerblades, etc.


Invest in some craft ideas.

Crafts strengthen your kids fine motor skills and creativity. Some examples could include finger puppets, painting sets, beads, model kits, perler beads, rubber stamp sets, weaving and latch hook kits. I didn’t see any pot holder loom sets at the sale, but that’s another good one to watch for at the Reading sale!


Gear up for the pool, water play and the beach.

Think about the necessities you’ll need now, like water shoes, swimming suits and life jackets, beach and sand toys, boogie boards, a sprinkler. You’ll save a lot on these at consignment sales. If you wait til you go to the beach, a boogie board will cost you $15 or more, but at JBF I saw several for less than $10.


Keep their minds engaged with the world by adding new books to your collection.

I love educational books where a child can sit and learn through pictures or words. Encyclopedia-like and topical books on outer space, dinosaurs, dogs, plants, geography, history, are all wonderful learning opportunities and can even be taken with you on field trips to enhance their learning experience.


** Here’s a hint. Keep some of these items hidden and secret and bring them out as the summer goes on. You’ll be mom of the year! **

Frozen Yogurt Bites: A Healthy Simple Snack You Can Make With Kids (and toddlers too!)

Yogurt Bites - A Simple Frozen Snack You Can Make With Kids

Working in the kitchen with kids has been one of the most rewarding blessings for our family. A little stressful sometimes if you’re not ready for it – I wouldn’t recommend it if you can tell you are having a bad day.

This is a great recipe for starting in the kitchen with your kids if you never have before. It is super easy and there are no raw eggs or ingredients that will stress you out!

I captured the process of making these with my kids, so you can see how it really is in real life. And yes, it probably could get messy, but just relax, and then wipe it up! 😉

First gather your ingredients:

  • fresh fruit (blueberries, bananas and strawberries)
  • toppings (corn flakes, cereal, nuts)
  • yogurt
  • dipping bowls
  • ziploc bags
  • a nut crusher (if you have one)
  • forks or toothpicks (for dipping)

yogurt bites ingredients

Starting by putting the cereal in a ziploc bag. Seal it and let your toddler go to town crushing it by hand or with a rolling pin.

yogurt bites with toddlers - crushing cereal

Next, have your preschooler or older child put some nuts in the nut crusher. Do you have one of these? This was always my job when I made cookies with my mom. I still have the old antique crusher I used with her!yogurt bites - crushing nuts

Now you are ready to start dipping. As you can tell in the next picture, I like to have everything ready and organized. It helps me eliminate chaos in the kitchen, and young kids needing to wait for me to find whatever we need next. Can you feel the excitement here? They are ready to start!!

 yogurt bites getting set up

 And we’re off! It worked well for us to use forks to poke the fruit. A toothpick might work well for you also, especially if you are doing blueberries.

frozen yogurt bites - dipping fruit

If you are a perfectionist, forget about the mess. You will very likely have yogurt all through your toppings. Its ok.

frozen yogurt bites mess

Put the fruit in a tray or dish that you can easily slide in your freezer.

Here’s a tip>> you can eat them at any time. The first ones we ate after they were in the freezer only about 1-2 hours. They were the best! They were frozen but not rock hard frozen. The second set we ate the next day, and they were so hard, they were difficult to eat.

frozen yogurt bites

And the best part is – you can eat the mess! Less clean up for you! 😉

frozen yogurt bites snack - toddlers eating clean up

I would love to know how your frozen yogurt bites turn out. I think we will be enjoying this snack often this summer. It is easy, healthy and a simple activity to make. It’s frugal too! Especially since we started making our own yogurt! I can’t wait to share about that with you soon!

Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill Ladies Night and Coupon – Thursday, April 7, 5-8pm (Rohrerstown)

Stauffer's Ladies Night

Enjoy a fun evening of shopping with your friends and other Lancaster County ladies!

Be sure to download a special coupon for the night for either $3 off $20, $8 off $50 or $20 off $100. If you were planning on making a home or garden purchase, the $20 coupon is your best savings by far!!

$5 off Local Flavor Deals Today: California Tortilla, Refreshing Mountain, Kyma Grill, Neffsville Flower Shop

This week was Midnight Madness for the Local Flavor deals. I was excited to see two deals for Refreshing Mountain and California Tortilla! I’ve never been to JR’s on Lincoln Highway, but their burger looks excellent!

If you buy one of their deals today you get $5 off, which makes for some really great deals!!! Just use the code LUCK or GOLD at checkout. (Watch for deals like this at Local Flavor – I notice them on almost every holiday!)

With the coupon code LUCK or GOLD, your deals looks like this:

California Tortilla, Lancaster – $10 for $30 Worth of Certificates
Kyma Seafood Grille – $10 for $30 Worth of Certificates
JRs Bar & Grill – $10 for $30 Worth of Certificates
Refreshing Mountain – $25 for $60 Toward Your Choice of Adventure and Fun
Neffsville Flower Shop – $20 for $50 of Flower Arrangements

Local Flavor Double Take Deal $5 off local flavor save $5 california tortilla local flavor deal jrs lancaster local flavor coupon savings


4 Things to Know About the Lancaster JBF Spring 2016 Sale

I’m so excited to be partnering with Just Between Friends Lancaster to share what’s new with their Spring 2016 sale! Last fall was the first time I shopped and consigned at a consignment sale, and JBF was it. I got hooked on selling kids stuff for profit and learned I definitely need to shop the presale with intention!

Moms, you don’t want to miss this opportunity not only to turn that kid clutter in your house (you know it’s there!) into cash, but also to save on some seriously cute spring and summer clothes for your kids. So here’s the lowdown, 4 things you need to know about the Just Between Friends Lancaster Spring 2016 sale!


JBF Lancaster Spring 2016

First things first: event dates. The JBF Lancaster Spring 2016 sale runs from April 14-16, 2016 at the Lanco Fieldhouse in East Petersburg. Sign up and get all the details on the website.

Take a look at the Lancaster JBF sale site: Lanco Fieldhouse!


just between friends lancasters jbf sale 2016

This is one of my favorite things about  being a consignor – you get to shop early at the presale! The presale takes place one day before the sale opens to the public, Wednesday April 13 and is only open to select groups. Here’s the schedule for this sale:

9am-9pm:  12 hour Team Members

10am-9pm:  8 hour Team Members

11am-9pm:  4 hour Team Member

Noon-9pm:  Consignors + 1 guest for all of the above

2pm-9pm:  Prime Time

4pm-9pm:  First Time Parents, Grandparents, Foster & Adoptive Parents

5pm-9pm:  Teachers

7pm-9pm:  Family Shop (children and strollers welcomed at this time)

If you are a First Time Parent or Grandparent, or Foster/Adoptive parent, register to attend! It’s FREE for you to be there and get first crack at these deals! Same for you, teachers. We know how much you spend out of your own pockets for your classrooms and want want to take some of the sting out by giving you the first shot at shopping!

If you don’t fit into any one of those groups and would still like to attend the presale, grab a Prime Time pass to shop starting at 2pm for only $10. The important thing to note with the presale is that unless you are a consignor or team member, you have to register! Spots do fill up so get those tickets today. Other than Prime Time slots, they’re FREE to qualifying shoppers!



#ClearTheClutter Cover Image

Trust me, I know the consignment process can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. To work side-by-side with new consignors and break down the process into doable steps, we’ve created a new Facebook group: Clean Up. Ca$h In: #ClearTheClutter With JBF. (Use that link to go request an add!)

I’ve been participating in this group for a couple of weeks and it’s so helpful. I love that I can ask any question and not feel judged. Everyone is getting their questions answered and is ready to cash in! We have JBF leaders, experienced consignors, and a professional organizer in the group and will be breaking down the consignment process into manageable chunks to help get you ready to cash in this spring!

Did someone say prizes? Why yes I did. We’ll have some incentives along the way to keep you on track with us, and in the end someone is going to win a fantastic grand prize! You’ll have to join the group and participate to be eligible.



JBF Book Giveaway Spring 2016

I am SO excited about this! Just Between Friends Lancaster is doing a huge book giveaways for the Spring 2016 sale! These giveaway contests can benefit YOUR child’s elementary school, so you definitely want to participate.

How does it work?

Nominate your child’s elementary school (only elementary & preschools for this contest). We’ll have a Facebook voting contest and select 3 winners from each sale by show of ‘likes’.

  • 1st Place: $250 in “JBF Book Bucks” + 20 presale passes for teachers
  • 2nd Place $150 in “JBF Book Bucks” + 15 presale passes for teachers
  • 3rd place $100 in “JBF Book Bucks” + 10 presale passes for teachers

Your school could win $250 in book bucks! Wow! Go here to nominate your school. 

For Lancaster: You have until March 16 to nominate your school. Voting will be on the JBF Lancaster Facebook page from March 27-April 2. (And pssst….there are VERY few schools nominated so you have a fantastic chance of winning!)


How We Maximized Turkey Hill’s Bonus Points Rewards Program, Saved on Fuel and Enter to Win a $25 Gift Card Giveaway!!

turkey hill march bonus point items

Turkey Hill Stores launched some new BONUS POINTS as part of their rewards program this week in their stores. They asked me to test out the program, track my bonus points online, and share my experience with you! All my opinions are my own. They did not pay me to write this post, but they did reimburse some of my purchases.

I think you’ll be eager to see what I learned! I would have never predicted my findings!!

Before I went to the store, I looked over the bonus points rewards program, found out what it was and how I would earn bonus points. I did my research, so you don’t necessarily have to. I focused in on the made to order foods, because we all have to eat, right?! Read on to find out how a family pizza night cost us only $8.45!

What is the Bonus Points Program?

turkey hill bonus points big fuel savings

With Bonus Points, you’ll be on your way to faster fuel savings by shopping select items that earn you extra bonus points. Remember, when you earn 100 points, you have earned $.10 off per gallon of fuel (up to 35 gallons).

You can accumulate points between March 1, 2016 and March 31, 2016. You can then redeem points for fuel discounts between March 1, 2016 and April 30, 2016.

How do I earn Bonus Points?

For the month of March 2016, these are the items that will earn you bonus points. I added the prices of the items if I knew them.

10 Points
All Frito Lay Single Serve (2 for $2.50)
Skittles and Starburst All Sizes ($1.39 – $1.95)
Stride, Trident, Dentyne ($1.49 – $1.59)

20 Points
44oz Fountain ($1.69)
All Pepsi or Coke 2 Liters ($2.19 – $2.49)
Coffee 20oz ($1.39)
Hot Made To Order Breakfast Sandwich (Excludes Cold Premade Sandwiches) ($2.29)

30 Points
Chicken Caesar Wrap
7″ Personal Size Pizza ($2.69)
Any Small Sub or Wrap ($4.19)
Pretzel Hamwich
Sandwiches (Select Variety)
Turkey Hill Water 24-pack

40 Points
Red Bull 4 Pack

50 Points
PUGS Sunglasses – 1 Pair, Any Variety ($13.99)

Is it worth it?

I was quite skeptical of the program at first. I did the math quickly in my head and I didn’t see how it would really save me a lot and be worth it to me. The problem was, I was thinking of it like Giant Gas Deals program. Finding ways to get my gas completely free. Once I started looking it from another angle—as a way to save on breakfasts and lunches out—I began to see the benefits.

I never expected to change my mind about bonus points, until I went to the store and tried it out!

turkey hill bonus point pizza and breakfast sandwich

Family Pizza Night for only $8.45!

We decided to have a family pizza night. We bought one personal pizza for each of us (like a Pizza Hut Personal Pan, but bigger, less greasy and much tastier!), and a 2 liter drink.

$2.69    7 Inch Cheese Pizza (30 bonus points + 6 purchase points)
$2.69    7 Inch Cheese Pizza (30 bonus points + 6 purchase points)
$2.69    7 Inch Cheese Pizza (30 bonus points + 6 purchase points)
$2.69    7 Inch Cheese Pizza (30 bonus points + 6 purchase points)
$2.69    7 Inch Cheese Pizza (30 bonus points + 6 purchase points)
$2.59    2 liter Sprite (20 bonus points + 6 purchase points)
$13.45  TOTAL (206 bonus points)

Those purchases earned us just over 200 points, which equals $.20 off per gallon of fuel.

We’re assuming you will fill up 25 gallons, since most vehicles don’t hold 35 gallons (the maximum allowed by the fuel rewards program). If you fill up 35 gallons, your savings will be even more!!

Here’s the math:

202 points = $.20/gallon fuel discount x 25 gallon fill up = $5 fuel discount

This is how we like to think of it. We need to buy gas anyway, right?

So whatever fuel discount we save, is actually a savings on our purchase, not our fuel.

Therefore the cost of the pizza at $13.45, less the $5 savings on fuel, means our pizza night really only cost us $8.45!!!

Here’s the math:

$13.45 paid for 5 pizzas – $5.00 saved on fuel = $8.45 / 5 pizzas = $1.69 per pizza

Who Is This Best For?

  1. I think the pizza night example proves this is a great idea for anyone—it’s a great deal to feed a family of 5 for only $8.45!
  2. Using the Bonus Points is also especially for anyone who usually buys their gas at Turkey Hill (or for whoever doesn’t buy their gas at Turkey Hill but regularly passes one on their way to work). You probably can earn bonus points on something you’re already buying somewhere else anyway. Which leads me to . . .
  3. I wanted to point out that while I was at Turkey Hill investigating the bonus rewards, I saw numerous customers come in and buy a breakfast sandwich, coffee, and some even bought a lunch sandwich too. If these customers used their rewards cards on their purchases, they would earn about one FREE breakfast/lunch a week in fuel savings!Turkey Hill Small Sub Bonus Points Rewards Program
    $2.29 breakfast sandwich (20 bonus + 4 points)
    $1.69 20oz coffee (20 points + 4 points)
    $4.19 small sub (30 points + 8 points)
    $7.87 TOTAL (86 points) 

    If you make the above purchase every day, for 5 days, that adds up to a cost of $39.35 but an earning of 430 points.

    A total of 430 points earns you $.40 off per gallon x 25 gallons = $10 fuel savings! It’s like you got more than one of your days purchases for FREE.

Be Strategic With Their Rewards

As part of their Fountain Club, after you buy 9 drinks you get 1 FREE. Maximize your savings, by combining the bonus points they offer with their 44oz fountain drink. You’ll earn 20 bonus gas points, plus you’ll be 1 drink closer to getting a FREE drink!

Plus, remember you always save an extra $.03 per gallon every time you use your rewards card when you fill up!

Enter to Win a $25 Turkey Hill Gift Card

Turkey Hill Stores was generous enough to offer a $25 gift card to one of Frugal Lancaster’s readers. The contest will run from March 4 to March 28. Winner will be notified by email.

Share with your friends and family—you’ll earn an extra entry for each person you share with who enters too!

Turkey Hill $25 Gift Card Giveaway

So there ya go folks! I did all this math to prove that the program is worth it. You don’t have to do the math, but if you are like me and love numbers — have fun figuring out your deals and savings!

Watch the Snow Geese at Middle Creek Wildlife Preserve

Around the first week of March every year, thousands of snow geese migrate through Middle Creek Wildlife Preserve, in Kleinfeltersville, PA.

This is an incredible FREE fun activity to do with your family. It will wow everyone. Even my two year old son (who you can hear in this video), was in awe as he said, “WOW”, when he saw all the snow geese take flight.

Please be warned, if you go on a weekend, there will be lots of people. It could be hard to find a parking spot and if its wet, you have a good chance of getting stuck in the mud if you park off the road. We went on the weekend, but we went at 5:30pm, as the sun was setting. Most people were leaving already, so we found a quick and close parking spot. Very convenient!

The best place to see the geese is to park in the parking lot along the main road in the preserve, and then hike about 1/4 mile to the look out.

How to Earn the Most Profit at Consignment Sales

How To Earn The Most Profit at Consignment Sales

These suggestions are based off of what I learned from selling at the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale. Your consignment sales may have different consignor fees or percentages. But many of the selling and pricing principles remain the same!

Work the closing shift, to have your $10 fee eliminated.

I did this for the Lancaster sale, but not the Reading sale, because of my schedule. Having done both, I decided that for me, I would rather pay the $10 fee. Why?

  1. I have to drive at least 20 minutes to each sale. Till I pay for the gas and the time to get there and back again, the $10 is not worth it to me, especially since I am going to the sale multiply other times throughout the week for drop off, pick up and the presale. If I lived closer, this might change my opinion.
  2. The clean up and tear down shift is hard work. I’m not trying to deter you from this shift. It was a great experience and I’m glad I did it, but it was long (6 hours). I was on my feet the whole time, moving and sorting items. Granted, I loved it too. There is something super satisfying about organizing. But I was exhausted!There are definitely benefits though, like a free pizza break half way through your shift and sometimes they offer special $5 gift cards to places like Dunkin Donuts – to keep you moving and focused. Like whoever finishes sorting first!
  3. I really enjoyed working at checkout. I love meeting the people, seeing what they are buying, and tweaking my patterns and skills to be efficient as I can for the customer. That’s just who I am! I love it, its what I’m good at, and so I’ll stick with it. 😉

Work a shift, to earn an extra 10% on your sales.

This is the key! If you have a goal to sell $300 worth of items, then you’ll earn an extra $30 just by doing this step. And I love it, because you can choose from so many options. Maybe you like to walk the floor and sort clothes. Maybe you like numbers, and people, so you want to work at checkout. Maybe you want to greet people to the sale. Maybe you want to help tear down and clean up. There are so many options and with each one you can make it a point to be observant at what is and what is not selling!

Set a goal.

My initial goal was $100. As I started pricing things and realized who much I had, I realized I probably needed to raise my goal.

Then, my goal became $300.

It was super motivating for me to have this goal set, especially as I entered my prices into the program and could see the value of how much I had entered so far. Don’t waste too much time thinking about what you could make if everything sold at full price, but I am a firm believer that it is ok to dream a little! Then come back to reality. :)

A lot of consignors like to set a goal of selling 80-90% of their items, which is another motivating option! Do what works for you.

Price higher than you think.

I talked a lot about pricing in my earlier post, but I will emphasize again—price higher than you think. (If you’re goal is to make a lot of profit. If you’re main goal is to get rid of stuff, then just price it for whatever you want to get for it.) But even if you simply price things $.50 to $1.00 more than what you think they should bring, you will still probably sell the item!

You may also want to read more about how I set my prices and what sold and what did not sell for me.

Carefully consider what you want to do with your items that don’t sell.

If you’re in it to make money, consider carefully what you might be able to sell on eBay, Facebook groups, at a yardsale or at the next consignment sale. I priced some items too high, however I was glad I did. I ended up selling several clothing items on eBay for almost the same price as I tagged them for at the sale—but on eBay, you only pay 10% of your selling cost!

Presale Usually Nets About 30% of Your Total Items in Sales

Keep in mind that you typially sell 30% of your entire sales on the first presale day. Someone told this to me the first day I was selling at items at a consignment sale, and for me, this ended up being true!

At the end of the first day of the Reading sale, I had sold about $100. By the end of the week, I had sold about $300. The same was true for Lancaster, but slightly less overall. All in all, I sold about $500 between both sales. The total listing price value for everything (that did and did not sell) was about $800.

Other articles in this series that might interest you:
How I Prepared for My First Consignment Sale
How I Priced My Consignment Sale Items to Earn a Healthy Profit
What Sold and What Did Not Sell
How I Tagged My Clothes and Why I Decided to Buy a Tagging Gun
My #1 First-Time Consignor Regret

My #1 First Time Consignor Regret and How I Learned to be a Smarter Consignment Sale Shopper

My Number 1 First Time Consignor Regret and How I Learned to be a Smarter Kids Consignment Sale Shopper

I had never even been
to a kids consignment sale,
and here I was selling items at one!

I did not know what to expect. I earned an 8 hour Presale pass and didn’t bother getting a babysitter so I could use it. In retrospect, I probably should have. It really is true that the best deals are found at the presale event NOT the clearance event.

It is probably worth it to you to buy something you need in great condition for $3.50 at the presale, wear it on your child and then resell it for $3.50 when you are done (at 60-70% commission you earn $2.45, so it really only cost you $.95).

New girls sneakers were $8, you could probably resell for $6 if they are worn reasonably.

Winter coats were $5-10 for boys, much cheaper than buying new.

I would also go to the presale to find things that sell quickly. Items that you will need to purchase in the next year or two anyway—like underwear, girls tights or socks.

I would still recommend going to the clearance event.

You never know what you might find, at half price, many things sale for $1-2. But many items are very picked over or simply not even available by this late in the sale. I looked for girls underwear, stockings, shoes and boys belts, and didn’t find anything worth it to me.

On Friday, I overheard customers saying all of the boys 2T clothing was pretty well picked over and the good stuff was completely gone—and this was even a day before the clearance sale, on Saturday!

Other Regrets—Including Pricing Regrets

I did have a few pricing regrets. I didn’t let them bother me too much though, because this was a learning experience for me. Here is what I learned.

Halloween costumes can be sold for $10 or more. I priced mine at $5.

Kids toys sell for a lot. I didn’t bring many kids toys, but I was excited that a toy vacuum sold for $5. That’s much better than a yardsale price! Baby Activity tables sell for $10-15 – you’re very lucky to get $5 for them at a yardsale. I dind’t even consider bringing bigger items, like play kitchens, but when I saw people buying them for over $50, I quickly changed my thinking for the next sale!

Books. I think overall you can get more for books than at yardsales. I brought only a few books, all in great condition, and sold them for $1 each. I think consignment sale customers will pay more like $2-3 each, if they are in great condition.

Videos. I was amazed that they sold for $3-5. Considering I never buy videos for over $1-2, I was intrigued. Even after a 30% commission, I’d still be earning $2.10 to $3.50 per video. Disney movies will earn you more, but even Benji movies will sell for $3.

Clothes that are in like-new condition will probably sell for more than I think. I wish I would have priced some of my newborn boys sweaters that were super cute and hard for me to get rid of, a dollar or two higher. I think the customers would have definitely paid it!

Some of my premium brand dresses did not sell for the $15-20 I was asking. I thought this might be high, but I also knew that they would probably sell for about that much on eBay. Watch for my post next week, on how much I earned on eBay for my items that did not sell!

I’ve had so much fun writing these posts that I think I’m going to be writing a few more next week too. I’m super excited to share with you about the item I had rejected at the Reading sale, but then sold for $25 at the Lancaster sale. A quick, simple fix that you can do too!

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