Kids Day at That Fish Place on Sunday, July 19, 2015

That Fish Place – That Pet Place is excited to host their first annual Kid’s Day celebration! Be sure to stop by our Lancaster, PA retail store on June 19th from 11am to 3pm for an afternoon filled with fun activities, prizes, raffles, and pet education. Kids and pet enthusiasts of all ages are sure to have a great time!

Kids Day is a unique event that gives your children the opportunity to participate in fun activities, tour our fun retail store and enter fun raffles for prizes, all while learning about their favorite pets! Don’t miss out on these great activities:

-Raffles & Prizes
-Face Painting & Balloons
Free Snacks & Drinks
-Photo Booth, Snake photos & Caricature Drawings by Neillustrations 
-Free Scavenger Hunt
-Hamster Races: Bring your own and cheer them on!
-Meet Bernie & Chompers: Our own fun and friendly store mascots
-Meet, pet, hold & learn about fun animals with our friends from The Duswalt Foundation Exotic Bird Rescue 
, Oxford Ferret Rescue ,Lancaster Herpetological Society  and the Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary  
-Aquarium set up workshop with our experts
-Animal Feeding Shows
-Reptile & Small Animal set up demos with livestock coupon giveaways
-Fish Room Tours


7 Freezer Slow Cooker Meals So I’m Prepared


This is my first summer with three actively moving little children and wow, it is craziness sometimes. I feel like the summer has gotten away from me and one thing I could be doing better in is meals. So I committed this week to freeze several slow cooker meals, so we don’t have any excuse for not knowing what’s for dinner and then spending more than we should—maybe even eating out, especially on weekends. Please tell me you have that problem sometimes too! (Plus, as a sidenote, I’m excited because this should give me a little more afternoon time to work on some personal projects instead of just prepping dinner!)

It only took me about 2 hours last night (and I’d say I even worked slowly, trying to figure out how I’d organize a system like this the best, since this was the first time I did it this way). I don’t know exactly how much it cost me because I used a lot of random stuff that I have purchased on sale and just had on hand, but I know I am definitely at less than $1 per serving. Each of these slow cooker meals will serve five of us, plus should have leftovers for my husband’s lunch the following day. I’m figuring each bag cost me about $5. I could have spent less I am sure, and been more frugal in my purchases, but in desperation I just had to get these meals made for some family sanity!

The worst part for me was finding recipes that I liked, that were FREE, and that had the ingredients I had or felt I could afford. I will admit that I spent several hours researching recipes.

Since chicken and pork chops were on a decent sale this week at Redner’s, I went ahead and focused on recipes with those ingredients.

I was really impressed with the recipes I was able to find at NewLeafWellness, through Money Saving Mom (which I am occasionally addicted to following), but it did take me quite a bit of time to find ones that were FREE and not part of their recipe eBook. I loved how these recipes used fresh ingredients and sweeteners like honey.

I also used pinterest and ended up finding a post I really liked at A To Z Family Tree, with several pork chop recipes. I want to try some of the chicken recipes sometime too! Probably the next time I see chicken on sale (I watch for about $2/lb or less when possible). The ingredients were really simple!

Here are the recipes I made:

I did stretch the meat a little bit and not always put the full amount of meat in each bag.

TIP > I knew I should have a way of knowing what recipes I put in the freezer, because I likely won’t remember what’s available. So I had the brilliant idea to clip the recipes I printed out on the front of my deep freezer. Then when I take the meal out, I can take the recipe with it, and either toss or save if its a winning meal favorite!

Hope this inspired you to try some freezer meals or try setting a goal where you think you could use some improvement this summer. Enjoy the weather and the plethora of fun frugal activities we have in Lancaster, and forget about dinner until dinner time! Let me know how it goes.

Best Lancaster County Price on Blueberries


I do a lot of research to find the best prices on produce in the summertime, before I buy in bulk and freeze, can or make into jams and jellies. We are now entering blueberry season and I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open.

So far, I’ve found an average price to be about $35 for 20 pounds of blueberries, which is equivalent to about $17.50 for 10 pounds. Most of these prices I’ve found from roadside stands and markets like Reiff’s or Hoover’s.

I was excited to learn that Martin’s Country Market in Ephrata is selling a 10 pound box for only $16.99! The best price I’ve found so far, whether I am buying 10 or 20 pounds!! If you want to score this price, I’d hurry in. They typically have only sold them at this price for about two weeks. I have not confirmed with them how long the sale price will last.

Sidenote > Pick your own prices I’ve seen around $1.50 per pound.

Have you found a better or similar price? Let us know!

How I Earn $75-90 Per Year Just By Grocery Shopping

One of the ways I am intentional about my money spending and saving, is by using multiple income flow sources on things I regularly do anyway. Here are a few examples of apps I use with my grocery shopping trips.

I have used this a lot on “any brand” purchases that I make routinely like bread, milk, eggs, shredded cheese, orange juice and bananas. I earn $.20 off each time I buy these items, which is often a minimum of $1.00 per week. There are also bonus offers, like if you redeem $7 in a month you earn an extra $1, or if you redeem 3 offers, you earn an extra $.75.  I started using Ibotta about 2 years ago, and have averaged about $30 per year in earnings for purchases that I would otherwise still be making anyway!


I’ve been loving the “select your savings” offer on fresh veggies and fruit, like $.25 off bananas. I only started using this in January, but I’m earning about $10-15 per year. The worst thing about this app is that you can’t “cash out” your earnings until you reach $20, and you can’t earn any points or rewards for referring friends.

I have this account linked to all my customer cards for local stores like CVS, Giant, Weis, Family Owned Markets, RiteAid and Redner’s. I typically activate all the offers and then if I happen to make a purchase, I get credit for it! Occasionally I will buy something specifically because it had a SavingStar FREE offer or I know from a coupon deal website that it will be free after I earn the SavingStar offer and use another coupon. I earn about $20-30 per year and have it deposited directly into my paypal account.

I take a quick photo of all my receipts after I make a purchase. I only started using this app this year, but so far it looks like it will earn me about $10-15 per year.

When I can, I combine deals to end up making money. For instance, this week I earned 20% off bananas from SavingStar, $.20 off bananas from Ibotta and $.25 off bananas from Checkout 51. If I buy only 1 or 2 small bananas, I have my purchase cost completely paid for, plus some!

All said and done, using these apps before and after I do my shopping, earns me about $75-90 per year!

Earn $25 credit for switching to Inspire Energy

Did you know that if you are a PPL customer you can choose your own energy provider? Instead of paying the almost $.12 per kwh, you can usually get as low as $.06 to $.07 per kwh. And you can switch providers every month to get the best rate?

My husband does the research for our family, and this month he found Inspire Energy to be the best price. Plus, Inspire Energy is giving $25 to you and your friend, when they sign up for Inspire too!

It’s simple. Just switch to Inspire, they will email you a confirmation email with your referal code, share your link on facebook or by email and you and your friends will earn $25! There is no limit to how much you can earn, so refer away!


North Museum Offering FREE One-Day Science Camp 

During the week of July 20-24, North Museum of Nature and Science (400 College Ave., Lancaster) is hosting GSK Science in the Summer, a FREE one-day chemistry-focused camp for children entering grades 2nd through 6th.

Camp runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Campers will need to provide their own packed lunch. Each day of camp is limited to 60 students. Deadline for registration is July 6.

Source: North Museum offering free one-day science camp – Daily News – June 2015 – Central Pennsylvania