Double Take Deals – $5 Credit!!!!

This is an AWESOME deal! Especially if you like to eat out.

If you already have a Double Take Deals account, check your email. You may have received an email with a promotional code for $5 off your next purchase. (You might want to try using this code even if you didn’t get an email. I think it might be available for all current customers to use. It worked for me, and I didn’t receive the email.)

Use the code DTDFIRSTBUY5 when you check out, and get $5.00 off your deal.

If you like Chinese food, you can eat at Ming Court Buffet in Lancaster for only $5 (you should be able to get 2 buffets for you $20 certificate). If you already have a $5 credit in your account, you can get this deal for FREE.

The New Holland Rec Center deal is still available too, so you can now save $5 off an individual or family membership.

This code will expire on 5/19 and can only be used once. Again, this is probably only valid for customers who already have a Double Take Deals account, or who have recently signed up for an account (before today).

Here are some of my favorites:




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