Pepperidge Farm Community Store in Denver, PA

pepperidge farm community discount store in denver, pa

Did you know that the Pepperidge Farm plant in Denver, PA has a discount store open to the community on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8am to 12noon? It is located at Rt 272 and the Turnpike exit.

Some of the best deals I found were:

Goldfish 6.6oz bag (marked with an “x” for thrift price) = only $1.00!
Goldfish 6.6oz bag = $1.50
Goldfish 30 oz carton = $5.00
Campbells cooking soups (red and white label) = $.55
Bread and Hamburger Buns = $1.25
Select specialty breads (like raisin swirl) = $1.75
Bagged Chessman (and other) Cookies = $3.00

They also had the Piourette Wafers at a discounted price. Its worth checking out if you are throwing a bridal/baby shower or a special dinner! Please note that people who want the best cookies, start standing in line around 7:15am.

This store accepts CASH ONLY!