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Layered Finger Jello

by Kathy on September 14th, 2012

You could argue that this recipe for layered jello is definitely not frugal. Especially if you look at the pricetag of all the ingredients that go into it. Or you could argue that it is – because if you were to buy anything that looked so awesome, it would cost you way more money, so therefore you are saving and its definitely frugal!

Either way, I decided to this recipe because it is super cool and I’ve been trying to get up the courage to make it all summer long! I finally found that courage and am very excited to take it to a picnic this evening and show it off!

And as far as the price tag on the ingredients go – you can save money by buying jello when it is on sale (often for cheaper than the store brand). I got some of mine for $.50 with coupons earlier this year at Weis and the orange jello I found at our local discount grocery store priced at 6 for $1.00! The KNOX gelatin however, I haven’t found great sales on. If you see a sale for KNOX or if you know where to get it cheap, be sure to share in the comments.

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  1. I get “unflavored gelatin” at the bulk food store I go to. As far as I know it is the equivalent of Knox gelatin. I’m not entirely sure of the price (and it obviously would vary on location anyway) but I’m pretty sure it is much cheaper than what you would pay at the grocery store.

    Your jelly looks great by the way. Impressive! :)

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