Wave at Thomas the Train for FREE from the Red Caboose Motel

thomas the train at strasburg railroad

Thomas the train, and Percy, are visiting the Strasburg Railroad this weekend! It’s a little expensive for us, but I wanted my kids to get to enjoy it. Especially since my 2 year old just LOVES tractors and trains right now. So in the beautiful weather yesterday we scoped out the area and found the Red Caboose Motel.

Let me tell you, this is the perfect place for an alternative to riding the train. And I think my kids enjoyed it just as much if not more, because they actually got to see Thomas driving the train.


The Red Caboose Motel is one of the first things the passengers see on their trip. It has Amish Buggy rides, so the kids can look at the horses while they wait for the train. There are also llamas, pigs, chickens and goats (which my kids got a kick out of their huge horns!). There are quaint benches and picnic tables for the kids to wave from when they train goes by. And there is even a little playground.

thomas the train at strasburg railroad and percy

We did a quick walk through the gift store and saw a bunch of small rides my kids found fascinating as well. I will admit the store was kind of small and organized uniquely, but you might find some hidden treasures while you are getting warm inside. But be careful with your time! Thomas and Percy are only regulated to go a short distance before they have to turn around, so you have about a 2-3 minute wait before you can wave to them a second time.

The train departs every half hour between the timeframe for that day, usually starting around 10:15am and ending sometime between 3pm or 4pm. See the Day Out with Thomas train schedule.



  1. Erika says:

    This is a great idea!! I took my kids last year, but didn’t realize just how crazy the parking would be! Can you park right at the Red Caboose Motel, or do you still have to park with all the Strasburg goers? Thanks for your help.

    • Kathy says:

      Yes, park right at the Red Caboose Motel! At least that’s where I did. There was plenty of parking. We enjoyed the petting zoo animals until the train came.

  2. Cassie Bosley says:

    we’ve gone during Thomas’s visits before and just do the free stuff đŸ˜‰ I wouldn’t try that on the weekend though! they may require you to show tickets now but still fun to see thomas and walk around the trains and play on the new playground there. We like the petting area at red caboose too though, I wasn’t sure how far down he goes before heading back.

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