My Story Behind “There’s An Easier Way: 21 Ways to Lovingly Raise Your Children Without Regrets”

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How God Started the Process of the Book (for Me)

Last year, Bonni Greiner started leading a group study on Sally Clarkson’s book, Own Your Life. I decided to be part of the group, but I figured I wouldn’t need to buy the book. After the first week I was convinced I had to buy the book. As soon as it came in the mail, I couldn’t stop reading it. It applied so perfectly to my life that I ended up sharing my thoughts from it to a moms group!

Later in that year, I was accepted as part of Crystal Paine’s book launch team for her new book Money Making Mom. As part of the team, I received an advance copy of the book to read. I remember at the time feeling a little silly because I was not really a money making mom, but a full time stay-at-home mom. I changed my mind about the book as I began to read it. It wasn’t just about making money. It was written to women in general who might be trying to pinpoint their passions and purpose, or trying to discern if she has an entrepreneurial spirit.

I believe God was starting a new season in my life when He had me read these two books. I had no idea what would lie ahead!

The Phone Call I Will Remember Forever

This past spring, I received a phone call from one of my mentors, Bonni Greiner, who writes at Mom By Example. To be honest, I don’t like talking on the phone. Is anyone else like that?! I instantly felt extremely nervous, but tried to remain calm as I enjoyed a very pleasant conversation with Bonni. I didn’t know why she was calling, and I was completely humbled as I kept listening to her request.

I have a book I want to write. Would you co-author it with me?

Her words made me still. Like a deer in headlights, I kept listening and talking. I was not expecting such an invitation! It wasn’t even on my radar. (That’s usually when God moves though, right?)

I knew my background was in book publishing and design. I knew God has given me an incredible passion for motherhood. I had a passion for all moms to be encouraged and find joy. I knew I wanted to be faithful to God and serve Him well, wherever He needed me. I also knew I was still a very young mom and I didn’t feel seasoned enough to write a book.

We both agreed that I would pray about it, talk to my husband and then get back to her with my answer.


It takes a team.

When Bonni called, she insisted that she would only do the book if I would be involved with her. Her husband agreed. My husband agreed to support me in the project, and so after much thought and prayer, we decided to give it a go!

Bonni had a lot of the ideas already prepared for the book. My job was to take what she wrote, add to it where I felt I could, organize it, format it, design the book and help come up with the title and subtitle. As we launched the book, I also assumed a lot of the marketing—designing graphics and banners and coordinating the launch team. We looked to God for vision, direction and focus.

While my background was in book publishing, I hadn’t had any practice since I started raising kids, not to mention the book industry has changed quite a bit in the past few years. It was very humbling as we navigated our way through the process and trusted God to bring to memory any tidbits of information we were learning that would help us. I was very thankful to have been part of two other book launch teams that helped point us in the right direction.

our children were planned and knit together

The Book Process: Affirmed by God

My battle in life has always been in my mind. And working on this book was no different. I would often doubt my being part of the book. But what amazed me, was how God always answered my doubts in unique ways, comforting me and encouraging me. He would show me how I was serving Him right where He wanted me to be.

I remember one difficult day. On that particular day I received corrections in an email from Bonni. I sat down at nap time to make the changes, and as I was making them, I realized the words in the correction I was making was the EXACT TRUTH that God needed me to hear. The truth that countered the lie I had been believing all day. It was not a coincidence. Only God does that!

A Little About Me

I was raised in a loving, Christian home near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I met my husband later in life and we then had three children in our first four years of marriage. We struggled with some of the same things shared about in this book, and our desire is to help you find an easier way too!

Reflecting on my early years of parenting, I loved having a baby to cuddle and sing to, but I thought my primary role was to feed him, care for him and keep him alive. Which it, of course, was . . . but thank God that he brought Bonni into my life and challenged me in a new way to consider biblical motherhood.

Through her talks, books and blog, she challenged me to mother in new ways, and it was like having a Titus 2 mom right there with me: talking to me, helping me think through situations, and offering advice. Her insight has been invaluable to me in my journey, as she has helped me to plan ahead and prepare for each new stage, and as she has helped my husband and I rethink some of our parenting approaches.

increased my prayer life

My Prayer

My prayer is that every mom who reads this book finds the joy that comes from engaging with their children, practicing patience, interacting with them, learning about God and life with them, and being intentional in sharing their spiritual journey with them.

Enjoy the tips in this book and all the real-life examples Bonni shares! You will be blessed.

What lies ahead?

Only God knows what lies ahead. How He plans on using me and giving me opportunities to serve Him. I can’t even imagine, nor would I really want to.

I do know that I am on board. No matter what. And I am not going to be shaken.

The week we released the book to the launch team, I received a very exciting and shocking email that I can’t share with you yet. However, I promise I will be sharing about it on this blog, and God will have a story He wants many to hear through it!

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Buy the Book

Our book is available on Amazon. The week of our book launch, it ranked in the top 30 books in the mothering category—a huge accomplishment! We are getting so many emails from moms who say the book is changing their lives. It is also bringing exciting new opportunities that we will be announcing soon, not to mention the fact that Bonni was interviewed for the God Centered Mom podcast!!

You can buy the book here or click on the image of the book below to take you to the Amazon page.

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  1. Amy says:

    You two compliment each other wonderfully! I see Kathy through out the book in many ways. Bonni hit the ball out of the park as usual. I’m so glad Bonni took the time to seek you out. You both have really done a beautiful job. Thank you for putting the time in and sharing your hearts with us.

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