A Photo Guide for Ephrata Area Playgrounds

I remember when I had my first child, I was amazed at how many playgrounds were in the Ephrata area.  I have always desired a nice map, so I finally decided to make one.

I made the map on Google Maps so you can easily link to it and find directions. Click on the map below or visit the Lancaster Area Playground Map.

ephrata area playground map

I always hate it when you get to a park and you need a baby swing, but there is none there. With this photo guide I have compiled, you can quickly see what is at each park!

I plan to keep adding to the map, and creating other park photo guides for Lancaster County areas.

Elizabeth Township Park

There are a lot of unique options at this park. It includes baby swings, slides, riding animals, a tire swing and regular swings. Perfect for toddlers through elementary age children. This park does get HOT, and there is not much shade. However, there is a nice pavilion with a roof and many picnic tables, so bring a packed lunch to enjoy.

Elizabeth Township Park

Fox Meadows Creamery Playground

Another unique playground for children of all ages. A perfect place for moms to meet and enjoy a bowl of ice cream and socializing while their children play.

Fox Meadows Creamery Playground

Ephrata Community Church Playground

As far as I know, this playground is open to the public. It has slides, swings, baby swings, ramps, benches for adults to sit on and more.

Ephrata Community Church Playground

Charity Gardens Playground

This is a new playground, and is in excellent condition. It has swings, baby swings, slides and more. There are benches for moms to sit on and large fields for older kids to run or play soccer in.

Charity Gardens Playground

Lincoln Heights Park

A small playground but unique. Perfect for toddlers through elementary age. There is a swing set not pictured below. Includes rock climbing wall, slide, and more.

Ephrata Area Playground Map

Ephrata Grater Park

Many options at this park. Three separate areas include a baby/toddler park play area with baby swings; a larger fort-like play area with slides and climbing mountains; and a separate area with swings, a climbing wall and ziplines. Only a few feet away is a nice dock over the creek where you can feed the ducks or watch for fish. With the pavilions, this is also a perfect place to rent for large picnics or birthday parties.

Grater Memorial Park

Irene Ave Playground

This park is kind of hidden, but sometimes these are the best! The unique climbing wall is a favorite and perfect for elementary kids, although toddlers will need help with it if they try it. The racing slides add some fun and the large fields are good for running and tag.

Irene Avenue Playground Ephrata

Misty Meadows Playground

This small playground is best for toddlers and elementary age children. There are no baby swings, and it is a simple park with just 2 swings, 2 riding animals and a slide, however children tend to love it and play for long period of time on it. There is also a half basketball court—perfect for line tag for little ones.

Misty Meadows Playground

Mohler Church Playground

This park is located behind the church, but is open for the community to use. It has monkey bars, swings, baby swings, a slide, and a riding horse. There is a nice picnic table for a packed lunch, and plenty of shady areas on hot days. Bring your bicycles and let the kids ride in the large parking lot.

Mohler Church Playground

Ephrata Township Park

This park is only a few years old. There are swings, baby swings and a special swing for disabled children. The toddler playground has a slide, rock climbing wall and unique drums and tic tac toe games. The elementary age playground has slides, tunnels, monkey bars, climbing walls, a zipline and more. They recently added a large sandbox, so be sure to bring your sand toys and trucks. You can take a walk around the pond with a fountain and feed the ducks, or place on the soccer fields. A sand volleyball court is also there for adults.

Nissley Acres Park

This playground is kind of hidden, but has pretty nice equipment. There is also a basketball court, good for older kids or riding bicycles/tricycles.

nissley park playground

Redcay Park

Brickyard Park

This is a more difficult park to get to. You can park along the road at the tennis courts, or continue up the road farther, turn the corner and then park where you can almost see down to the playground. You almost can’t see the way to walk down but there is an old gravel road underneath grass that you can follow. There is also a small pond that kids have fun walking to and looking at. If you are in for adventure, follow the path along the pond and back to the Ephrata Rails to Trails, and then walk back along the street to the playground again. This would take about an hour to do, but its a cute little adventure!

brickyard playground

Bethany Park

This is a cute little playground with a picnic area. It is in between houses, so look carefully for the sign along the road. It is easy to pass!


Reamstown Playground

Excellent for kids of all ages. There is a toddler area, swings, tire swing, zipline, boats, trucks to sit in, tires to climb, and a sandbox! It is nicely shaded for hot days. There are several picnic tables available for a picnic lunch.

reamstown playground wooden park
Boomerang Park
Roland Park Playground (Akron)
Broad Street Park and Playground (Akron)

(photos coming soon for above playgrounds)


  1. Lillie says:

    Reamstown also has Pavilions for rent Andy Community Center that they rent out to people for private parties
    Some of the Akron parks also have pavillons to rent
    I didn’t see Terrehill park on the list, there’s is very nice and they also have pavillons to rent
    I believe New Holland also has a nice park and pavillons

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks Lillie! I tried to keep this list just for playgrounds. Eventually I am hoping to make another map and photo guide of places to rent pavilions. There are so many and these are great ones. Thanks for them!

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