FREE Record & Burpee’s Children’s Zoo at Good’s Store

From June 21-29, 2016, the Record & Burpee’s Children’s Zoo will be at Good’s Store in New Holland. It is open from 10am to store closing, and it is is FREE (with the exception of a few extra things you need to pay for mentioned at the end of this post).

This is the BEST petting zoo in the area, in our opinion. The animals are so eager to see you and be pet—especially if you go right before feeding time. The excitement contagious.

We were there around 5pm. If we would even get close to the 25 cent feed machines, the animals would jump up and practically try to get the feed before you could! They were so excited and fun to be around.

record and burpee childrens zoo at good's store

We did notice that they were fed during our visit, and after that they were much more lazy and just sitting around. It was neat to experience them in this calm atmosphere too though.

childrens zoo yak

Our kids personal favorite was the squirrel monkey. They could stand there and watch it run around its cage for hours! They thought it was trying to escape, and then suddenly it would stop, look at my 6-year-old and laugh hysterically for a few seconds! I wish I would have it captured it on video for you, because it was hilarious.


They also enjoyed the goats, because there were so many of them, and they were so excited to be pet and fed.


Then there was a goat that my kids called the “clown head goat”. It really was the sight to be seen!


The llamas just stood there looking at us straight in the eye. I never realized how HUGE a llama’s eye is!


What amazed me about the emus were their intricately detailed feather designs. Have you ever looked at an emus feathers up close?


The turtles were actually more fun during and after they were being fed around 5pm. Before feeding time, they stayed in their shell. After feeding time it was fun to watch them move around, and get excited to eat!


The coati’s moved around a lot too—which is particularly entertaining for the kiddos! My daughter couldn’t get over the fact that they looked like they were eating their tails!


As always, macaws are my favorite. Their colors amaze me. What amazed my son was how they didn’t fly away. We talked about how obedient they were, just like mommies train their children to be obedient and stay.


My husband got a kick out of the chickens, and now thinks we should venture out in our homesteading adventure and get some of these. They really were unique!


Kangaroos got us to talking about how ordinary kangaroos must be to people who live in Australia. Kind of like ground hogs are to us maybe? My son kept asking if the mommy was having a baby, probably because we saw three fawns born earlier in the day at Oregon Dairy!


There was also a porcupine, a yak, and some other animals. You can see more and better pictures at the Record & Burpee website or come see them in person until June 29, 2016! Even if you live on the other side of the county, we think it is worth it!

And of course you have the option of getting a camel ride, a pony ride or doing the moonwalk. You can buy tickets there, and there is a $2 off coupon in the PennySaver and the Shopping News. (It looks like you can also print the coupon on their website.) Tickets are $1 each unless you buy in quantity or have this coupon. You need 5 tickets to ride the camel, 4 tickets to ride a pony, and 3 tickets for the moonwalk.

At 11am, 4pm and 7pm, they do a dog show with tricks (on Saturdays it is at 11am, 2pm and 4pm). We really enjoyed this last year, but missed it this year because we didn’t arrive until 4:30pm.

In our opinion, the best time to attend the event is from about 3:30pm to 5:30pm—you’ll get to ride the animals, watch the dog show, see the animals when they are excited to eat, and then enjoy them after they are fed too. Another good time to visit is from 10am-12noon.

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