Keep Your Stock Up Prices Easy To Find

Track Prices with Products

We keep our raisins and oatmeal in previously bought containers and just keep refilling them. I could never remember what price I paid for them since I buy them in bulk, so I started writing the price I paid and place I bought it at on the lids with a sharpie marker. I even included the date purchased.

As I tracked this information, I quickly learned that just because Martin’s has raisins for $1.39/lb one week, doesn’t mean they’ll be the cheapest next week!

I thought their price would always be the same, but not true!

I saw them for as much as $1.99/lb one time, so I checked Glennwood and Sharp Shopper and found them to be cheaper that week. It pays to keep track of these things!

Keep a Stock Up List

You can also keep a spreadsheet or list of your stock item prices. I have recently printed this one  and added it to my “Mom’s Notebook”, but you could very easily make your own too! (Please see all other Money Saving Mom forms here.)

There are many places to download/print stock up spreadsheets online. Here are a few I found:

:: Centsible in Seattle
:: Cuckoo for Coupon Deals
:: Beautiful Frugal Life
:: We Use Coupons


Sharp Shopper Customer Appreciation Week

This week is customer appreciation week at Sharp Shopper. There are some good deals, like $.79 for 40oz ketchup. I’ll warn you though, the lines are long and the stores are busy (I think at every time of day!).

If you are just making one shopping trip, you will find most things decently priced. However if you are a couponer, you’ll notice that you can get better deals on cereal and even some juices with coupons at your grocery store that doubles coupons. For instance, V8 Splash sells for $1.99 and up at Sharp Shopper, but this week you can get it for $1.50 after coupons at Giant.

You also have a chance to win some great door prizes and gift cards. You must make a purchase to be entered.

Buy Quick Oats in Bulk for $.49/lb

Buying in bulk can save you a lot of money. But have you ever bought in bulk once, loved the price and then went back to buy it again and were disappointed?

It wasn’t long ago that I started buying in bulk, and I think the first time I bought, I was lucky. It was on sale that week, and I was super-excited to find it cheaper in the bulk section than in dented and discount grocery stores! Then when I went to buy it again, thinking it would always be the same price, I was disappointed to see the price had changed. But at that point, I needed it, and had to buy it. I have experienced this with both raisins and quick oats.

Quick oats for example are typically around $.89/lb. However, this week at Martin’s in Ephrata, Quick Oats are on sale for $.49/lb! This is a great deal! Even if you do RiteAid or drugstore deals, you are lucky to find a 1lb container of Quaker Quick Oats for less than $1.

I have found it helpful to check prices of each bulk sections when I am at stores like Glennwood, Sharp Shopper, Martin’s, Yoder’s, etc. I keep a mental note until I get home and then check my notes to see what the last price I paid was. Also, if you shop at Martin’s in Ephrata, watch your Shopping News. Every now and then they offer a special coupon in their weekly ad to save on bulk food purchases.

Sharp Shopper Deals: $1 Soy Milk and Whole Wheat Flour

Have you been to your local Sharp Shopper lately?
Locations are in Ephrata, Leola and Middletown.

We found 1/2 gallon Zen Soy (lactose free) milk for only $1. And it doesn’t expire until February 13.

They also have five pound bags of whole wheat flour for only $.99.

I can’t guarantee they still have both of these in stock, but at these prices, it is worth checking out!