Chalkboard World Map Wall Art

I created this in an effort to make my house a home, as I was redecorating my kids creative area. We love that we have this to look at and refer to whenever we are talking about other countries, where we’ve traveled, or which country a certain animal comes from!

Let me just say, it looks spectacular in a large white frame! I found mine at a yardsale and spray painted it white, but there are tons of ornate frame options available!

free chalkboard world map wall art

You can also use this file to print small notecards or to put in a smaller frame on your mantle or bookshelf. It is formatted for 28 inches by 22 inches, however it will print well smaller than that size too.


Don’t forget to follow my secret tip for how to get it printed for less than $5!! (Typically it would be $2 for a 16 x 20, but because this is a 22 x 28 inch piece, it costs a little more. However you could still print it as a 16 x 20 to save the money, or if that’s the only size of frame you have.)

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