Hey there, I’m Kathy!

I’m a wife to Steve, a mother of three adorable blond-hair kids and most importantly, a child of God. I’m a co-author of a book, a deal finding enthusiast, a dreamer, a houseplant killer and an ever-learning student who is inspired by trying new things. In my spare time I like to host yardsales, sell at consignment sales, design chalkboard wall art and find bargains.

riding lebanon valley rails to trails with kids

Our Family

We love to do things together as a family whether it is bicycle riding the rails to trails, cooking together, reading classical books on the couch or visiting great-grandma in the dementia unit.


My Kids

My kids and I love to discover new playgrounds, visit local petting zoos, find fun and free indoor rainy day activities, and read good books — and then we share all the secrets we find with you!


A Quick Glimpse

Two of the quickest ways to learn some glimpses into my life is to take a quick scroll through my instagram and read about the passions of my heart and for this blog.

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We Love to Save Money

As I said earlier, I love to find bargains—I am frugal at heart. If I can find an organic turkey for $.49/lb, incredible deals on clothingFREE gluten-free bread, sweet corn for $2/dozen, a way to make an easy $50 at our yardsale, how to get Melissa & Doug products for 50-90% off, and how to buy $166 worth of items for only $25 . . . I can’t just keep it to myself! I have to share about it. So I tell you! Through this blog, my instagram and facebook.

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Together in the Kitchen

I love to try new things, and interestingly enough as I am writing this I am canning my first batch of dill pickles! This week I threw some extra shredded zucchini from our garden in some pancakes, along with some crushed pineapple, and discovered a new family favorite (yes, we’ve had them three days in a row now they are so delicious!).


Our Home

With a background in design, I have been using my talent to make our house more of a home, by designing some chalkboard wall art with favorite quotes. I’m also addicted to the show Fixer Upper and the farmhouse feel – so you’ll see I’m experimenting with a lot of chalkboard style in my home. I love to express my God-given creativity!

eat or drink 1 corinthians 10:31

My Book

I recently co-authored a book with a local mentor of mine. Hosting a launch team and watching the book rank in the top #30 on Amazon was an incredible experience!

easier way mothering best seller book

History of Frugal Lancaster

I started this blog when my oldest was only 18 months old. I loved blogging but I couldn’t handle it regularly after I had my 2nd and 3rd child—and we moved during that time too.

I have recently grown to love blogging again and am excited to see how God gives me vision and passion for posts, and sometimes just puts me in the right place at the right time. It is thrilling to watch how He alone can take some of them and make them go viral (or at least viral in my own little niche world). 😉 It is definitely not my own doing!

In 2015 I read Money Making Mom and that’s around the time I had a spark and vision for blogging again. God has been moving in my life in very unique ways — opportunities to public speaktraveling to South Africa, and meeting Crystal Paine just to name a few! I’m so curious what He’s up to next in my life!

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Top Ten Posts


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A Little Secret

If you are interested in my life and this blog enough to read this far, then you deserve to know a little secret about me. If you think I look familiar, and you don’t know why—it might be because you saw me in a Walmart commercial in 2013! Who knew!! 🙂

Walmart Challenge Commercial - Harrisburg - Kathy

Supposing I haven’t scared you away with my crazy life and family, and you want to know more ways to save and enjoy Lancaster County be sure to sign up for my newsletter. In those emails I’ll show exactly how to find the same deals we do, enjoy the same free activities (like Christmas light shows that many don’t know about) and more secrets of Lancaster.

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